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Morph 4k Product Shots, First Look at the analog hardware + Retro G.E.M. DC is on the way!

The Morph 4k is finally here to show off its stuff. Let's take a look at the Morph 4k Upscaler Product Shots.

We are excited to give you a look at the production hardware you will be receiving. The Morph 4k comes in a sleek black translucent case with "Morphing" parts. The images showcase the internals and the multitude of expansion cards. I wonder what the new dual VGA expansion card is..... stay tuned.

More colors and cases will be available in the future.

Less talk more images.

Note: All Analog Backplates are not final production. Final backplates will be injection molded. 3D print files will also be released.

We would like to thank all of you for all the support. The final DCDigital hardware has been sold we are happy to announce the Retro G.E.M. Dreamcast Kit is on the way. The Retro G.E.M. will be the new home for our Dreamcast Internal mods. Expect the same great Retro G.E.M. features and updates.

The installation should remain relatively the same, we will provide a more in depth look in the near future.

Note: DCDigital Naomi kits are still available.


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