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Introducing the Morph 4K, a modular 4K upscaler that form fits your setup.

PFX Morph - Main.png

Pixel Enlargement Lab, Cologne, Germany 8/4/2023 - The Pixel FX team has been busy, and we are happy to announce the premier 4k scaler for your setup, the Morph 4K. See your games like never before with the Morph 4K as it upscales them to beautiful 4k quality and the latest HDMI tricks like HDR, BFI, and VRR. No matter if you are looking to upscale your favorite HDMI consoles or looking to get the best picture from your favorite retro console, the Morph 4K will achieve stunning results. The Morph 4K is nearly ready to go, launching in Q4 2023.

Feature Rundown -

  • Up to 4K60 resolution polyphase upscaling

  • 4:4:4 end to end color support

  • HDR, Variable Refresh Rate, Black Frame Insertion

  • Ultra low lag

  • Motion adaptive deinterlacing

  • Scanlines

  • WiFi updates and WebUI system control

  • MicroSD card slot for updates and user files

  • Expansion card support


*Morph 4k*
*Morph 4k + Analog*
PFX- Digital PIC.png
PFX- Analog pic.png

The Morph 4K will launch with two hardware skus -

Morph 4k - This is the HDMI only version which is perfect for users who want top-notch 4K upscaling for their HDMI devices - be it the Retro G.E.M., Switch, MiSTer,  Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Analogue Super NT, and more. It also works great as a re-scaler for your current scaler hardware, like the OSSC or Framemeister. Supporting 240p to 1080p HDMI input, the Morph 4K gives you a visual boost while keeping things all digital. The Morph 4K contains an internal expansion port which can accept powerful hardware modules to help tailor the Morph 4K to different roles in your setup. For example, those who need on-board analog input support can power-up the Morph 4K with our "Analog Bridge" module.   Price ($400)
Morph 4k + Analog - This is the Morph 4K equipped with an internal "Analog Bridge". The analog bridge is a hardware module containing a pair of high performance analog to digital video converter chips with a swappable input video connector sub-board. This lets you pair the Analog Bridge with almost any video connector arrangement that you want whether it's dual VGA, SCART and component, or a professional 5-BNC input setup. You're set for anything from composite all the way to crisp RGB. The Analog Bridge video connectors support multiple video formats per input, making it easy to route all your consoles through a single video switch. Perfect for retro gamers looking to play their classic consoles in full 4K glory.   Price ($500)



Personalize your Morph 4K with different color enclosures. For the launch expect a smoke or transparent black and early next year we will be carrying a handful of other colors. With our DIY-friendly design approach, you can build upon the Morph 4K with anything from a front-mounted status OLED to custom analog connector setups which we'll provide easy to follow design references.  DIY design reference material will be available from day 1. The Morph 4K is easy to take apart with just a screwdriver, no fragile plastic clips. 

Combination Post.png



No longer at the mercy of your TV's scaling ability, the Morph puts you in control. The polyphase video scaler at the heart of the Morph 4K can be fine tuned for different types of content with 2D and 3D optimized scaling modes. Or take it a step further with full custom scaler settings.

Slot masks and Scan lines

Equipped with the latest in CRT simulation technology, the Morph can render slotmask and scanline effects at full 4K resolution. Just like a CRT, the Morph's scanline engine reacts dynamically to the incoming pixel content, faithfully recreating the nostalgic glow of the past. Custom slotmask and scanline profiles can be created directly in the on screen menu, or using the Morph 4K web interface.

WiFi , Micro SD, Profiles, and External Device Control

The launch of the Morph 4K is just the beginning. WiFi makes updating the internal video processor a breeze. This lets you stay up to date with our latest development and new features, all from the Morph 4K on screen menu. If memory cards are your thing, we have that too, with easy profile management futher enhanced by technology like Game-ID per game settings. A seamless multi-firmware system expands the Morph's capabilities beyond what can fit in one FPGA. The USB-A serial port on the Morph 4K can be used to control external devices like the Infinity Switch. We're also looking into ways use it to control gcompsw/gscartsw and Extron devices.

Connector PCb.png

Common Questions

What other uses does expansion port have? 

The expansion port is connected directly connected to the FPGA high speed IO and will allow for some amazing functionality beyond the Analog Bridge in the future. Things like an analog output card for downscaling to a CRT, a quad-HDMI output card to drive video walls or multi-monitor splitscreen gaming session, an integrated USB video capture card, or even a 4K Time Sleuth lag tester.

Could we create a bigger case with every port imaginable? 

Yes! This is 100% possible with the Analog Bridge in place.  We will be providing the open source gerbers of the connector PCBs along with mechanical design references for alternate case designs.

Where is the Infinity Switch?

The Infinity Switch is in active development. Expect more news on it in Q2 2024.

Anything else?

Join us on our Discord and we'll be happy to answer questions.

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