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Pixer FX Morph 4K Front View - Advanced Gaming HDMI Upscaler

Morph 4k - Advanced 4K HDMI Upscaler


ANALOG CARDS will launch Q1/Q2 2024.  We will announce on our social media.  All early bird buyers will get an email with early access.






Follow our socials and join the Discord for the latest updates. We will also update the product page periodically. Our blog will contain any major updates.


Your personal 4K upscaler is here. This is the Morph 4K, a true next gen 4K modular video upscaler for your setup. The Morph 4K converts low resolution HDMI sources (up to 1080p input), to 4K HDMI at 60hz and 4:4:4 color resolution. Out of the box the Morph 4K is HDMI input and HDMI output, but expansion cards can change the role of the Morph in your setup and add features based on your needs.


Add in the Analog Bridge expansion module (Q1 2024) for high quality composite, s-video, scart, component, and VGA support. Or make the Morph 4K the central hub for all your video routing and processing with the Analog-Digital Crosspoint expansion module, which has both analog inputs AND outputs allowing you to simultaneously scale analog/digital inputs to both analog and digital video outputs.


The Morph 4K is perfect to give your current setup the visual boost it needs, without having to waste your current hardware's capabilities. Use the Morph 4K to re-scale your current HDMI devices and get native 4K scaling quality, or downscale modern games for a Retro Demake effect. Get the best bang for your buck 4K scaling with devices like,


-OSSC Classic, RetroTINK 5x-Pro, GBS-C scaler, XRB-Mini Framemeister
-Console HDMI mods: Retro G.E.M. (Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Dreamcast etc.), GCVideo, etc.
-Analogue - Pocket, Mega SG, Super NT, NT Mini
-Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch


The Morph 4K isn't just about high quality video features, it also contains useful modern features thanks to onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, and SD card support. This enables easy updates over WiFi, powerful control of the Morph 4K through our Web Interface. On the Web Interface you can export/import profiles, and have access to design tools like the Slotmask creator which can do live mask creation/editting. If connected to a console with Game-ID support you can show off your gameplay status on apps like Discord. The SD card can be used for profiles, updating, and other extended file support. With the USB-A serial peripheral control port, your Morph 4K can better integrate into your setup by being able to communicate with future switching devices like the Infinity Switch.


With the Retro G.E.M. you can communicate non-video information like Game-ID for per game settings or use the console controller to navigate the Morph 4K menu. You can also use the Morph 4K to control Retro G.E.M. video settings automatically. We are currently looking into extending Game-ID support to non Retro G.E.M. devices as well.




-Output: HDMI, Resolution up to 4K60 4:4:4
-Input: HDMI, Resolution up to 1080p60 4:4:4
-HDR, Variable Refresh Rate, Black Frame Insertion
-Ultra low lag and fully buffered framelock modes
-Motion adaptive deinterlacing
-Dynamic scanlines with CRT beam simulation
-High resolution slotmask/shadowmask
-Integer and fractional mask shaders
-Smoothing shaders (hqx, xbr)


-WiFi system updates
-Stay up to date with automatic update checks
-WebUI control and toolset
-MicroSD card slot for updates and user files
-Display game status on Discord when using Game-ID


Expansion card support (coming soon)
-Analog Bridge
-Analog-Digital Crosspoint


Hardware Specs
-112K Logic Element T120 Trion FPGA
-1 Gbit DDR2 800 MHz RAM
-64 Mbit SDRAM
-USB-C power (power supply not included)
-USB-A serial peripheral interface port


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