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Retro G.E.M. Updates April - PS2, PS1, DC, N64 - Direct Mode & Motion Adaptive Upgraded, Companion App Released

Pixel FX is happy to announce a major update to the Retro G.E.M. and Digital Line of products. Besides a bunch of quality-of-life updates we have implemented "FX Direct Mode" which is a must have companion to for any scaler. We have also added major updates to the De-interlacer Settings, in both the G.E.M. and Digital products. The advanced De-Interlacer will be on par with the Morph 4k.

And finally, the team is happy to finally release the companion app, let's share what awesome retro title you are playing with the world.

The update is available now on all devices.

Before we look into it further, let's see the complete list of changes in the latest update.

Complete List of Updates - Firmware 3.7.3

  • FX Direct added to Retro GEM, N64D HW1/HW2, DCD HW2, PS1D

  • Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing: Morph 4K core ported to Retrogem Retro GEM, N64D HW1/HW2, DCD HW2, PS1D

  • Added triple buffering to Retro GEM, N64D HW1/HW2, DCD HW2, PS1D (Frame Lock>off setting)

  • New scaler implementation

  • Core: Sped up Retro FX menu loading

  • Core: Fixed most alignment issues, pre-scaler improvements

  • Core: Fixed frame lock lag misalignment

  • Pixel FX companion app ready

  • ESP: Memory optimization

  • Changed: DV1 pixel repetition now stacks with AVI IF pixel repetition

  • Web-UI: Added reset settings but keep WiFi

  • Web-UI: Added buttons to delete uploaded .ini files

  • Added OSD position configuration

  • Fixed: MiSTer shadow mask import

  • Fixed: Factory reset settings now properly resets all settings

  • New factory reset option to do a factory reset, but keep the WiFi configuration

  • PS1: Fixed 384 mode.

  • PS1: Prevent controller input doubling in certain games

  • PS1: Added manual height control for PAL

FX Direct Mode

Direct Mode takes the direct signal from your console and outputs it digitally over the HDMI. This help keep the signal pristine for an external scaler to Upscale. This is great in conjunction with our Morph 4k upscaler. Direct mode is available on Retro GEM, N64D HW1/HW2, DCD HW2, PS1D.

The new updated FX Direct Mode takes huge strides in offering better compatibility for HDMI switches. We would like to introduce the two direct modes.

FX Direct - packages the native resolution in a higher resolution output frame that might be more compatible with switches and other equipment. Highly Recommended!

DV1 Direct - Directly outputs video signal from console usually 240p or 480i. Can have issues with most HDMI switches/Splitters.

Note: Direct mode option will appear under video settings.

New De-Interlacer Settings

Pixel FX has re-invented the De-interlacer engine. The team has added a plethora of options to help create the best experience for your games. The setting you want to play with the most is the "sensitivity" option which dictates how strong the motion adaptive de-interlacer will be. Please look at the new menu under the De-interlacer options and get to gaming.

Note: The De-Interlacer settings will make a huge deal for a plethora of PS2 titles. Please look at the lines on the arms.

Companion app

The awesome app to allow users to update their status on discord has been released. So, if you have Pixel FX product give it a shot.

Note: Digital Line of products are supported as well.

Install Instructions and Companion App Download Link

  1. Download Pixel FX Companion App

  2. Install the companion app and allow it to share with Discord.

  3. Turn on your console and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi.

  4. Open the app and choose your designated Pixel FX product.

Other Updates

This release also brings with a bunch of stability and responsiveness updates. Triple Buffering has been added to the Pixel FX line of internal products. The Retro FX options in general will load up quicker for a more seamless experience.

Feedback and Support

Be sure to join our awesome discord community. The team is always looking to improve our products. The dev team is on there so come say "Hi".

Thank you!


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