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Retro Gem - Universal HDMI Upscaler Kit

Retro Gem - Universal HDMI Upscaler Kit

Stock Status as of Jan 19 2024

All Kits Shipping in 1-3 days.


Successor to N64 Digital, PS1 Digital and DC Digital.


The Retro GEM is the ultimate HDMI kit for your retro gaming consoles.

  • Digital lag-free HDMI output
  • Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi
  • Advanced scaling and video filters in Shiny Edition

Current Console Support:

  • Nintendo 64
  • Sony Playstation
  • Sony Playstation 2
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • More Coming Soon


Differences between G.E.M. and G.E.M. Shiny Edition


Please click here for specific mainboard revision compatibility. 



The Retro GEM must be soldered into your gaming console. These modifications are advanced and require a high level of soldering skill. Never soldered before, do not fret! We have recommended installers that can do the modification for you.


The basic can be upgraded to the Shiny at any time, even after installing into a console.  License upgrades can be purchased here



Please see the Retro GEM documentation to learn more.


The optional spare flex isn't required and is already included in the console kit. But sometimes mishaps happen during the install and an extra flex will give you a second attempt.


Each console kit is priced differently and will be available for purchase separately in the future. They are priced differently as each console can have varying specific setups.



Direct Mode               X                X
-up to 480p               X                X
-up to 720p               X                X
-up to 1080p                              X
-up to 1440p                  X
Bob                X                X
Weave                  X
Motion Adaptive                  X
Integer                X                X
Free/Custom                X                X
Retro FX    

Basic Scanlines




Adaptive                                                              X                           
Slotmasks                  X


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